#022 – Vitalize Your Life with Red Light Therapy – Jake Kreuz

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Do you want to learn a simple way to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, have better sleep, more energy, beautiful glowing skin and so much more? AND all within a short 10 minutes a day practice.

It’s here, Red Light Therapy!! A device that if you personal experience it for yourself,  you will fall in love with the way you feel. It’s healing, it’s vitalizing and will have you feeling like your best self.

Joining me on the show today is Jake Kreuz. Jake is the founder and CEO of Vital Red Light. A company which develops light therapy products for human health optimization. At Vital Red Light Jake and his team are bringing innovative products to the market that are at the intersection of traditional medical technologies, preventative Consumer Driven Health Solutions. Prior to founding Vital Red Light Jake was an investment banker, where he focused on the biotechnology and medical technology sectors, Jake received a finance degree from the University of Arizona, where he was a top ranked NCAA division one golfer.

Website: VitalRedLight.com
Instagram: @Vital Red Light

Do you want 10% off your purchase?? Use discount code JACKIE

Website: jackiesenatore.com
Instagram: @jackiesenatore

Please Enjoy!!

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