Active Meditation

Jackie Senatore


Active Meditation

Jackie Senatore


This Program Will Allow You To:

Manage Stress

Learn How To Manage Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm


Heal From Past Events, Trauma and Mental, Emotion & Physical Pain

Feel Secure

Feel Calm, Grounded & Know You’re Ok No Matter What


Create The Life You Want & Easily Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Big, Red, Flashing Warning Signs

You Need Meditation

(Check all that apply)

Stressed, Anxious or Depressed

Inability to adapt to changing circumstances or feeling burnt out, down or sad.

Physical Pain

Back Pain, Headaches, Hip & Joint Pain

Low Self-Esteem

Feeling unloved, unseen or comparing yourself to others

Illness or Health Challenge

Lyme Disease, Stomach Issues, Heart Issues, and illness that won’t seem to heal.

Insomnia or Sleep Issues

Hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or getting restful sleep

Relationship Challenges

Do you want better communication, love, connection, in your relationship


Let go of past relationships and healing the past to get the gifts

Stuck or unfocused

Finding yourself scattered, worrying about the past or the future

The solution is SIMPLE

get grounded

Call your energy back

clear other people’s energy from your space

Protect your own energy 

and manifest your dreams! 

Jackie Senatore

Jackie Senatore

Is An International Health and Wellness Expert 

At times, we can see ourselves slipping into darkness the moment our life hits a rough patch. Healing can be painful. Learning to surrender and let go is the key to transformation and healing.

One slight shift in perception can bring a new awareness to show you that within every crisis, there are hidden blessings. Every challenge brings opportunity for growth. Once you choose to process the fear, all physical, mental and emotional pain is healed and the most beautiful version of yourself emerges.

Jackie will help you go from breakdown to breakthrough.

About Jackie 

Jackie Senatore has been in active practice for over a decade as an international health and wellness expert.

She assists people in breaking through the barriers that keep them stuck. Healing from emotional, mental, and physical challenges will bring you to a healthier and more empowered life; A life of purpose, fulfillment and most of all presence. Jackie assists people in shifting their perceptions and believes, “Whatever happens to you, is happening for you”.

Jackie has worked as one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s staff practitioners for nine years. She has been an active leader in seminars and workshops, teaching and guiding people through the process of healing. She has attained advanced certification in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is trained in the Demartini Method. She has also trained in Active Guided Meditation, as well as spent over 30,000 hours in personal development seminars, retreats, and immersions, acquiring knowledge from some of the world’s greatest leaders in human behavior and energy healing.

Jackie currently resides in upstate NY with her family. She receives immense joy in seeing the transformations and breakthroughs people experience while working with her. She has helped thousands of people through their healing journey and has witnessed how one perception change can help someone live a healthier and more empowered life.

what other’s are saying about active

meditation with jackie 

My experience meditating with Jackie has been profound. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed on to her meditation. Jackie is intuitive and spot on! Meditation extraordinaire! This meditation will impress, touch and impact the most experienced meditator! It’s like she sees into your soul and gives you tools to use to make the biggest difference in your life. I felt heard and seen by Jackie in the midst of others being in the class. This is what I yearned for and didn’t even know it! I use the tools I learned in this meditation class almost daily and I am clearer, lighter, freer and I have more energy! I have been able to clear my energy with these profound yet simple tools! Thank you Jackie! You’re a lifesaver!

Michelle E.

I did a private session with Jackie Senatore. I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that I haven’t been able to access .. ever. The deep, buried, gunky stuff that you just can’t do alone. I cried for most of the session in the most healing way, realized that people are in my space even when I don’t know it, learned how to clear that and felt the power of holding space for another on a whole new level as Jackie held space for me in an expansive and pure way. The depth of the healing is incomparable when someone else is holding you in a container that is so pure and strong.
Jackie has a gift that is supernatural, a calling that is guided by a higher power. She is a clear and pure vessel that can intuit what is happening in you even if you can’t. It was invaluable ! Thank you Jackie 💕🥰
Jackie G.

Thank you for your energy clearing meditation. I feel sooooo good. I’m calm, my neck pain has completely gone away. You’re so amazing I can’t thank you enough. I am learning about how we take on other people’s energy and how we can release and replace it with our own highest healing light. Wonderful comforting, calming and healing concept!

Kim O'Donnell

Last night’s meditation was awesome, awesome and awesome. I had pain in my knees and by the time the call was over it subsided.

Liz H.

I always found myself bored or falling asleep when trying to meditate, until now. This is not an ordinary meditation class, it’s a healing and learning experience. I’ve leaned tools on how to heal myself, protect my energy and keep myself centered and calm. I sleep so well after class and my body all of sudden has no pain. Since taking these classes I’ve used and applied these tools daily. I love all the tools that it’s hard to pick my favorite. I just love the gold sticky rose. It has been a truly amazing experience and I look forward to each class. Thank you Jackie.

Sunny S.

OMG – I literally felt the calmest I think I’ve ever felt. I felt so good, I was floating. My body felt so good, all the pain and tension was gone. I can’t even describe into words how good I felt. It was truly amazing and I look forward to attending again and making this a practice. Taking the time for myself was so worth it, thank you for reminding me how important it is and allowing me to show up for myself.

Enjoli Lauderdale

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for the meditation technique you introduced. I have been practicing Sahara Yoga Meditation for a long time, but it did not give me the results I wanted. I feel happier, calmer and the most important is I now have a way to heal the pain and discomfort in my body at the age of 69. Thank you very much ❤️

Natasha C.

Working with Jackie has been most profound. I never imagined her teachings would affect me on so many levels. My work is incredibly important, my family more so than anything else. One affects the other. I have learned a great deal and continue learning new ways of dealing with challenges and my wins as well. My demeanor now is poised, my work and family life more balanced and I am taking time for myself doing what I enjoy.

I would say Jackie is my favorite go-to person. I come away from the time we spend together more clear of mind and ultimately more resolved in my decisions.

My confidence has doubled and I am grateful for this incredibly strong and at the same time most gentle woman for being in my life.

Thank you for the wisdom, your unrelenting composure, and your ongoing patience. Life is so much sweeter because of you. Wishing you continued success in all you do.

Warmest regards,

Bianca Grey Johnson

“Hi Jackie…. Friday’s session was fantastic. I hope everyone did as well. Came into the session, very apprehensive, very tight in the shoulders. Stated my intentions and went through the motions. Grounded really well. Stated my intentions, well. Several individuals showed up. Never seen them before. Sent them on their way. Just followed your directions through the session. The breakthrough came after we grounded the session. As I sat there, light energy started passing through me and out. I started to chuckle, to be honest. They were like columns of light going thru me continuously!!! WOW. This morning my body feels great. Shoulders are loose. I feel loose. More flexible and my hands don’t feel so stiff with an arthritic sensation. Big Thanks. Great session. 🌈🌈🌈 

Dale H.

“Omg I feel so good!! My tension in my back is gone. I feel so light and my back and neck pain is gone!! I have been getting massages every couple weeks trying to ease the pain. The doctor told me I needed a breast reduction. It’s crazy that in one hour with you, I slept without tossing and turning and I’ve felt great all day. I haven’t slept that good or woke up without back pain in years. Thank you so much. I can’t believe it. I thought meditation was just to relax you, I didn’t know it could heal me this much. Thank you for teaching me how to clear my energy space and cleanse myself of other people’s energy. I never thought that it could possibly be causing me so much pain in my body. I’m definitely going make this apart of my weekly routine.” 

Amanda R.

Thank you so much for all you’re teaching me. I use to think anxiety was just something I’d have to live with and manage. You’ve given me my life back. Whenever anxiety pops up, I use a few of the tools you’ve taught me and it’s instantly gone. And the best part is, I have the power in myself to help myself in the moment, something I’ve always wanted. I can’t thank you enough Jackie. The golden tree is now my best friend, and moving people out of my space is just so liberating. Thank you again and again,  


Jackie, thank you so much for your meditation today. I literally have no more pain in my wrist right now. I’m so grateful! I will continue to ponder what you said, relax, and clear energy. Thanks again for the invite. It was a divine appointment!


Hi Jackie,

I feel so light, with no fear or stress about myself, my health, or pain. I am so decisive these days and have done chores that I could not push myself to do for a year!!

It feels like I jumped out of depression, and I can do anything! It is so wonderful! I do not panic about my pain if it comes back, I know what to do and what magic words to say.

I think I am starting a new page in my life with more knowledge, thanks to you.

With love and gratitude ❤️🙏


I feel compelled to write this message after meditating this morning. I used your practice of active meditation. I visualized the golden ball and grounded myself to the earth. I cleared my aura of everyone else’s energy and called my own energy back. I placed the golden tree behind my back. (In the session on Monday my back was completely exposed and I couldn’t get my aura to completely surround me). This morning I feel completely protected. Thank you for introducing me to this. I was able to connect with myself in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Jackie your gift to me is priceless. Thank you so much for offering these sessions. I can’t wait to go further with you on this journey.


Say Yes to giving yourself and heal what’s in the way of creating the life you want!