Summer Specials are here!  


Take advantage of our great summer special savings! Body Code Sessions with Jackie include clearing energy imbalances that are in the way of you having the health, relationships and success you desire. 

If you’re feeling stuck, fatigued, overwhelmed, and nothing you do seems to be working or changing it, you’ve come to the right place. Let me help you see what this pain is really trying to show you. 

Not manifesting what you desire? It could be that you have limiting beliefs in the way, and no matter how much you say you want something, there is a part of you that is too afraid to have it. Working with me, we can find these energy blocks and release them. Allowing what you desire to come to you easily.

Body Code Email Session Packages of 5, 10 & 20 Sessions

Email Sessions are a great way to receive energy clearing and healing without having to schedule it in. These packages include unlimited email correspondence during sessions working on what is most important for you. Once you purchase your package, email Jackie your name, age, and what you would like to work on and she’ll do the rest. Packages may be shared between family.

Click the drop down arrow for package options!   Package of 5, 10 and 20 Sessions. *Ultimate Package of 20 is for families and or if you have a series of goals you’d like to achieve. If you have something specific you want to achieve, the 5 and or 10 package is best for transforming something specific. Questions? Email

Email Session Packages

KiDS Specials – Packages of 5 & 10


Kids are going through a lot right now. Clearing the stress and trapped emotions can help them stay balanced and at ease. Below are pacakges of 5 and 10 Kid package email sessions. After purchasing your child’s package, please send Jackie your child’s name, age and what you would like worked on. Packages may be shared between siblings.


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KIDS Special!


Heart Wall Clearing Special is on SPECIAL! 


Clear your heart wall and your partner’s heart wall with this Heart Wall Special. Once purchasing the special, email Jackie your name(s), age(s), and anything you wish to share about your goals and desired outcome. You will receive 3-5 heart wall clearing email result sessions.

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Heart Wall Special