Spring Into Action

☀️🌷 Welcome Spring!! ☀️🌷

​ Clear out those winter blue’s, and get ready for fresh new energy. Spring is all about creating, using the fresh energy to really get clear and aligned with what you want to call in.

Do you have a Heart Wall?

Do you have Limiting Beliefs that are blocking you from the

Health, Wealth and Intimate Relationships you desire? 

Let me show you how easy is can be to find the ‘stuck’ energy and clear it. Choose the option below that is best for you and let’s get started. Wishing you an abundant Spring Season! 


🌷 Tune-Up Special – Only $49 

In need of a tune-up session? This tune-up session is perfect for those who want to work on something specific. Whether it be a physical, mental or emotional, Jackie will check in with you and clear what’s in the way of your healing. You will gain energetic insights on what is creating the challenge and block for you, and Jackie will help your body release and process the energy of it. This is an email session, so once purchasing this session, send Jackie your name, age, and what you would like worked on. An email with the results will be sent to you within 1-2 business days. **One per person. ~Makes a great gift for yourself and loved one.  **Don’t have Paypal? No problem, Jackie accepts other methods of Payment. Including Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square.



Tune Up Special


🌷 Heart-Wall Special – Only $137. (Reg $267)

Are you ready to create more Love & Intimacy in your life? What better gift to give yourself and loved one than a clear, open-hearted, free to give and receive love easily heart. Clear your Heart-Wall today, and really be able to feel the love that surrounds you. How do I know if I have a Heart-Wall? 




Did that sound like you? You are not alone. Unless we clear Heart Wall energies, it’s common to experience heartache, fear, sadness from life’s ups and downs. Are you ready to clear the emotional wounds of the past? Purchase the Heart Wall Session below, and let’s get started. Once purchasing this special for yourself or a loved one, send Jackie your name, age, and photo (optional) and she’ll do the rest. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, you will receive 3 to 4 Remote Distance Clearing sessions, detailing what energies and emotions were cleared from your heart wall. The benefits and changes are endless, from better health, greater intimacy in relationships, feeling connected to yourself and others. You’re just one step away from living a better quality of life. 

**And as my gift to you ~ If you purchase this Heart Wall Special as a gift for someone, I will gift you FREE Meditation Class for yourself ~ 

Heart Wall Special

**Don’t have Paypal? No problem, Jackie accepts other methods of Payment. Including Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square.


🌷 Package of 3 Body Code Energy Healing Phone Sessions with Jackie – Only $397  

Want to work one-on-one with Jackie? This package of 3 Phone Sessions will give you three, one hour phone sessions. Sessions included Body Code energy healing and clearing, heart wall clearing, and an integrations of techniques to clear and protect your energy daily. Once purchasing this package, email Jackie and she will get you scheduled. You can do sessions once a week or once a month depending on your goals. These sessions are beyond powerful and you will feel physically better, more energized, clear and overall have new insights into taking your life and health to the next level. **Purchase this package for a loved one and receive a free email session for yourself ~ A gift to you 

Package of 3 Phone Sessions

**Don’t have Paypal? No problem, Jackie accepts other methods of Payment. Including Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square.


🌷 Package of 8 Body Code Belief System Email Sessions – Only $597 

Let’s clear out those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. With this package of 8 Email Sessions, you can work on anything you want. If you have a health challenge, a relationship challenge or want to call in more abundance into your life. Behind everything our heart desires is a belief system that is keeping it from manifesting right now. Jackie will uncover exactly what belief and energy is in the way, clear it and help you feel a freedom you desire to create what it is you truly want. Once purchasing this package, email Jackie your name, age, a photo (optional) and what you most want in every area of your life. 

Package of 8 Body Code Belief System Sessions

**Don’t have Paypal? No problem, Jackie accepts other methods of Payment. Including Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square.


🌷 Package of 20 Body Code Email Sessions – Ultimate Family Package $999 

The Ultimate Family and transformational package of 20 Email Sessions. A package of those of you who really want to clear it all. Clear your heart wall, clear belief systems, and have multiple sessions a week or spread out over 6 months to make sure you stay clear and on track to achieve your goals. This package is often purchased as a family package, giving each member of the family multiple sessions each. A great way to clear any family tension and help everyone feel lighter and more connected. Email Jackie if you have any questions whether this package is right for you. Are you ready to purchase and commit to yourself now? Purchase below and Jackie will send you a time to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to make sure each session is aligned with your goals. **This is a powerful package of sessions for those of you who are really ready to create lasting change  

Package of 20 Email Sessions

**Don’t have Paypal? No problem, Jackie accepts other methods of Payment. Including Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay and Square.



About Jackie 


 Jackie Senatore has been in active practice for over a decade as an international health and wellness expert.


 She assists people in breaking through the barriers that keep them   stuck. Healing from emotional, mental, and physical challenges will   bring you to a healthier and more empowered life; A life of purpose,   fulfillment and most of all presence. Jackie assists people in shifting   their perceptions and believes, “Whatever happens to you, is   happening for you”.


 Jackie is a Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner and has worked   as one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s staff practitioners for nine years. She   has been an active leader in seminars and workshops, teaching and   guiding people through the process of healing. She has attained   advanced certification in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is   trained in the Demartini Method. She has also trained in Active Guided   Meditation, as well as spent over 30,000 hours in personal   development seminars, retreats, and immersions, acquiring knowledge   from some of the world’s greatest leaders in human behavior and   energy healing.


 Jackie currently resides in upstate NY with her family. She receives   immense joy in seeing the transformations and breakthroughs people   experience while working with her. She has helped thousands of   people through their healing journey and has witnessed how one   perception change can help someone live a healthier and more   empowered life.



What is a Heart-Wall?


Has something ever happened that left you feeling Emotionally Injured?
A pain or heavy feeling on your chest as if your heart had just been broken?


 Many of us may have experienced this a few times. Perhaps from an end of a relationship, a death of someone close to you, or even a hurtful comment that someone may have said.


Your heart lies at the center of your being. Recent research indicates that our heart may be a second brain – one more powerful in fact than the one that rests upon your neck. It is through our hearts that we actively give and receive love.


As you may know, our hearts are vulnerable to emotional injury. In the same way we have trapped emotions in our bodies, sometimes we trap these emotions in and around our hearts.


Since a trapped emotion consists of pure energy, our subconscious mind will take this energy and literally build a wall with it around our hearts as protection. It’s like when you, or someone else might say “I’ll never be hurt like that again” or “They really have a guard up”. People around can actually feel this source of protection you’ve created. A Heart Wall can close you off to wonderful people/things that you might have experienced had you not been blocked in feeling them.


Now you might be thinking, well what’s wrong with having a Heart Wall
If it’s protecting me from fully having my heart broken?


Heart Walls affect us in two ways:


Heart Walls can block energy from flowing throughout the body. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, resulting in physical and emotional pains. (Often more associated with shoulder, neck and back pain.) Heart Walls prevent us from fully opening our hearts to others. A Heart Wall can numb you to the feelings of others, making it difficult to connect to people and loved ones around you.


There’s GREAT news!!


The Emotion Code can remove those blocking Heart Walls we’ve built. Imagine, finally being able to feel again. Feel the love from the people around you, being able to feel love for people again. That isolating feeling you may have once felt, is a thing of the past.


When a Heart Wall is removed, amazing things can and have happened. Some people notice an immediate change, and some notice gradually over time. Dr. Brad has a wonderful story of a women he met who had never been married. After clearing her heart wall, she managed to quickly reconnect with her childhood sweetheart. Shortly after they were engaged to be married. I have seen clients re-connect with a parent they had not spoken to in years, or re-kindled a relationship they thought had no chance of ever repairing. They suddenly could feel the love from the other person, and were filled with joy.



ANYTHING is possible once we open the doors to our hearts, and begin to feel again.