Jackie’s Favorite Products & Resources

I only make recommendations about products, books, and courses I personally own, have used or experienced. I am a believer in quality and that you get what you pay for. The items below can have a huge return on investment in your health and give you a better quality of life.

All New HyperBath Detox Systems

Bug Away All Natural Bug Spray

Naturally keep bugs away from your family and pets with the safe and effective power of 100% natural and pure essential oils. Free of chemicals, propellants, artificial perfumes or neurotoxins, this invigorating natural spray is light and non greasy.

Bug Away naturally shoo’s Bugs Away!

Keep Lyme Disease-carrying Ticks away from your kids this summer!

Bug Away Herbal Insect Deterrent Spray and Lotion Stick can be used on:

  • People of all ages
  • Dogs
  • Farm Animals

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