#003 – How To Surviving Change You Didn’t Ask For, Particularly Divorce with MJ Ryan

M.J. Ryan has worked as an executive coach for the past 19 years, working with everyone from founders of one person startups, family businesses and executives in C-Suites of global corporations. Currently she is the lead coach for SheEO, a new crowdsourcing, philanthropy and mentoring organization supporting women-owned startups in Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

The founder and former CEO of Conari Press, she is one of the creators of the bestselling Random Acts of Kindness series and the author of eight books including Radical Generosity, Habit Changers, Surviving Change You Didn’t Ask For, Attitudes of Gratitude, The Happiness Makeover and The Power of Patience. Articles on her work have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall St. Journal, HuffPost, Inc.com, Forbes.com, Good Housekeeping, Town & Country, Yoga Journal, and many other publications and websites.

As a personal change expert, in her warm and inimitable way, M.J.  guides us to look at our lives from a different perspective by Trusting Yourself.

What if you could change your ‘negative’ habits to positive ones and become happier and more successful? MJ has an uncanny ability to propel your professional success while respecting the very real places your personal life spills over, addressing all issues head on.


[04:35] How to focus on kindness, re-direct, gratitude and generosity.

[13:24] Understanding that every crisis has hidden blessings.

[15:27] Interpreting what true blessing really means

[18:56] How to give yourself space

[21:45] Why she doesn’t think that fairness exists.

[23:12] The idea of downward comparison.

[26:34] How to always go back to the practice of Gratitude.

[30:23] How to control yourself at an emotional level

[34:48] Ways to break free when you get hijacked by emotions that blinds you a little bit in knowing what to do.

[39:24] To inspire greatness in yourself and others.


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