#005 – How to Unlock Your Intuition With Psychic Medium Lindsay Marino

Lindsay Marino

This episode guest is Psychic Medium Lindsay Marino. Lindsay Marino is an international psychic medium, podcast host, and co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller 365 Days of Angel Prayers. Lindsay helps psychic mediums all around the world deepen their gifts and grow their business through her online programs.

Lindsay earned her Psychic Mediumship Certificate through Lisa Williams International School of Development and has done extensive mentorships with world-renowned medium Mavis Pittilla. She also holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Tampa.

Lindsay has been interviewed on Low Country Live Television, OMTimes Radio, Sedona Talk Radio, Soul Love, and Evolving Soul. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and loves to travel back home to Boston and Saint Louis.


[01:15] Lindsey’s background

[03:36] How she got her psychic mediumship certificate

[06:12] What her role is as an evidential medium

[09:45] What information she gets when picking up on a past loved one

[10:12] What happens when you’re in using your intuition

[13:56] How she learns not to be overwhelmed by concerts and airplanes

[15:35] How her journey to be a medium started

[18:23] Why she believes in the angelic realm

[27:34] Methods to channel messages from past loved ones

[31:52] The amount of love that you can feel when they do come through is so beautiful

[32:24] The Importance of having a healthy diet and eating healthy foods.


“I do believe in the angelic realm too, and I believe that our soul is connected to the higher realm also. So I believe it comes from different places, but it depends on the moment that you’re getting for that feeling too.”

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsaymarinomedium/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindsayMarinoMedium/

Intuition Program: https://lindsay-marino.mykajabi.com/unlock-your-intuition

Psychic Medium Business Program: https://lindsay-marino.mykajabi.com/psychic-medium-business

Online Mediumship Programs: https://lindsay-marino.mykajabi.com/unlock-your-medium

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