#002 – Why Understanding & Living By Your Values Can Save Your Health, Relationships and More with Jonathan Sugai

Jonathan Sugai –  is a Expert in Bodywork & Mindset Science who helps high performing CEOs & Business Professionals get MORE of what they WANT with breakthrough results for their Business & Relationships using Axiology (the Science of Values), Quantum Physics, & The Mind Body Factor.


His experience comes from 20 years owning & operating his Shiatsu Bodywork & Massage therapy family practice and 10 years of High Performance Mindset coaching & consulting for CEOs and their companies as a Certified Demartini Method & Values Facilitator.



[03:15] Thoughts on valuing justice

 [04:36] Why we have unique perspective on the universe

 [06:12] How we perceive the world determines how we decide on things and then how we act

 [09:45] What happens when we’re living out of alignment in our values

 [10:12] How to have major growth in our lives

 [13:56] What is the Demartini Method and ways to apply it

 [15:35] The idea of change your way of thinking, change your life.

 [18:23] Knowing that behaviours are the best indicator

 [20:45] Journey to be a shiatsu and a bodywork practitioner

 [27:34] Methods to bring the unconscious conscious

 [31:52] On the pursuit of self-improvement and personal growth

 [38:24] The function of the amygdala, the animal part of the brain

 [46:12] Aligning your hierarchy of values


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