#006 – Why Detoxing Your Body Can Save Your Health with John Jacobs

John Jacobs

John shares his story of how he helped his wife go from bedridden to better with a detox footbath called Hyber Detox Foot Bath. He shares the importance of detoxing, answers all the common questions and myths regarding this very significant and powerful device that is an asset to any health regimen.

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[01:15] John’s background

[03:36] What is an Ionic Hyper Foot Bath?

[06:12] Why we develop rashes or blotches, or we can have pale skin or get wrinkles easily

[09:45] What to do to overcome depression and chronic fatigue

[10:12] The issue with silver amalgams

[13:56] Thoughts on acupuncture, foot baths or saunas

[15:35] Does it really work or is it placebo

[18:23] We don’t really realize how much our cells hold emotion

[20:45] What about detoxing during pregnancy

[31:52] How to overcome a health challenge in the lymphatic system

[32:24] Importance of doing the foot bath detox

[37:39] How the Foot Bath works well for Lyme Disease


“When we detox, we just have a cleaner channel so our body can do the work easier. “

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