#007 – The Truth About Lyme Disease & How to Protect Yourself with Jennifer Goldstock NP

Jennifer Goldstock

This episode guest is Jennifer Goldstock from synRG, which is a collaborative medical approach between Natasha Ruiz and Jennifer Goldstock that embodies our love and drive to serve others. They are here to personalize your care, find the root cause of illness and achieve greater overall health for you and the ones you love.


“You don’t ever come to that realization until you are at a point in your life where you’ve lost a good part of your health. And unfortunately, that’s what we see with Lyme disease. It can rob you of so much.“ Jennifer Goldstock NP


[01:15] Jennifer’s background

[03:36] What morning rituals she lives by

[06:12] Why it is important to support our immune system

[09:45] How patients have a right to inform consent and treatment

[10:12] How acute tick bite appointments for patients work

[13:56] What could be done to improve education, diagnostics, and treatment.

[15:35] Thoughts about intracellular pathogens like Lyme disease

[18:23] The experience when anxiety, feeling, tremor lifted

[20:45] Understand that a negative test doesn’t rule out Lyme disease

[27:34] Knowing about inflammatory cytokines, which create an inflammatory storm

[32:24] Importance of there’s really nothing good about sugar

[37:39] How we have to do different things to treat co-infections with Lyme

[42:19] Different strains of Lyme’s

[48:10] Symptoms which starts with fever, fatigue, headaches


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