#004 – How to Live Your Life By Design, Have Courage & Become Resilient with Chris Connell

Chris Connell

In this episode, I talk to Actor/Producer/Fitness Model Chris Connell. Chris has been one of my go-to people for when I need to push through fear and accomplish goals. He’s achieved financial freedom doing exactly what he loves and is, as he famously calls it, “Living his life by design.” In this episode, he’ll share with you how he does just that, what mentality he’s trained himself to have, and how he’s become resilient in tackling the next challenging wave life throws at him.


[01:15] Chris’s background

[06:12] Always remind yourself, no matter how overwhelming there’s a way out

[09:45] How attitude and the perspective helped him

[10:12] How he stays inspired

[13:56] What could be done to keep on moving forward in your career

[15:35] Thoughts about chasing dreams

[18:23] The accurate and aspirations of filmmaking

[20:45] Embracing fear and rising above it

[27:34] Knowing that working on the physical body is largely mental

[31:52] How we have to be willing to be consistent

[32:24] The Importance of never giving up.

[37:39] Learning through experience, how to handle and weather storms and keep getting back up

[42:19] How to stay focus and keep expanding that vision


“I know I’m a prouder person of who I am right now in this day because of this journey that I chose. And it wasn’t the easy path. It was tough path and I knew that this wasn’t an accident. I was aware of this a very early age. I knew what I was going to be up against.“


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