Our Biggest Phone Session Savings Event! 

Heal what you have so you can create what you want.  

Single Body Code Phone Session – $97

This 20 Minute Body Code Phone clearing session typically clears between 8-10 imbalances each session. You can work on physical challenges such as back pain, shoulder tension or stomach indigestion. Or maybe it’s an emotional challenge like anxiety, depression or insomnia. This session can help you clear out what is stuck and give you clarity on what to do next.

Body Code Session - $97

One 60 minute Belief System Phone Clearing Session – $150 (Reg $200)

This powerful session will help you shift stress into fuel. Breakthrough the energy that keeps you stuck so you can create what you want. Anything from Relationship Desires, Financial Goals / Wealth building, to Mental/Emotional goals that will help you live the life you love. This is a 60 minute phone session, working one on one with Jackie. Uncovering limiting beliefs and clearing the energies and emotional blocks that keep you stuck. 

Belief System Clearing Phone Session

Package of 3 Belief System Clearing Sessions  – $397

Now we’re really talking. Let’s clear out the stuck and create the space to have what you want. Do you want to feel lighter, more balanced, grounded and at ease? You can use the 3 sessions close together or over a period of 3 months. So if you are ready to heal what you have, so you can have what you want, let’s do it.. Each session is 60 minutes working one-on-one with Jackie. Within the 3 Sessions you will feel lighter, like the ground has been cleared, to build a whole new chapter of what’s next.

Package of 3 Belief System Clearing Sessions