January Specials    

Let’s make 2021 your BEST year yet! 

The best investment you can make, is the investment in yourself. Investing in your health, your relationships and your purpose will allow you to enjoy the present and will give you a life of fulfillment.

What are you ready to let go of? What would you need to create, to make this year your best year yet? Choose a package below and let’s get started in creating the life you want.  



🌹 Connect directly with me with this Package of 3 Phone Sessions. Each session is 1 hour and includes the Body Code, Belief System Clearing and Grounding Tools – $397

Gifting yourself this package will be transformational. In these 3, 1 hour sessions, we can work on many different areas. Clearing limiting beliefs, creating empowering beliefs and releasing energies in the way of you creating the healthy & abundant life you deserve. So if its relationships, health, financial abundance or a specific issue, this is the package to create change. Sessions are 1 hour and can be used over 3 months. Once purchasing, Jackie will contact you to set up your first call.


Package of 3 Phone Sessions

🌹 Package of 8 Belief System Clearing Email Sessions – $597 

One of the most popular transformational packages you can get. 8 Body Code and Belief System clearing sessions to work on all areas of life. From health, relationships, abundance and more. This package gives you 8 email sessions and unlimited email communication with Jackie throughout the process. Once purchasing this special, Jackie will email you to get started. **Includes a free 20 min phone session to discuss goals and create the best plan for you.

Package of 8 Body Code Belief System Sessions


 🌹 A WHOLE YEAR PHONE PACKAGE!!!   $2,500 (2 Phone Sessions with Jackie a month for 12 Months) 

 Commit to the whole year of 2021 working with Jackie every month. This package will include 2 Phone sessions a month, working on beliefs, clearing energy blocks, keeping you in balance and continuously clearing the path to make sure you achieve your 2021 goals. Whether it be relationships, health, finances or other specific goals, this package will be sure you stay on track and achieve it.  Imagine going all in with yourself and making sure to create the structure that will keep you aligned all year!    


Full Year of Phone Sessions (2 a month for 12months)



🌹 A WHOLE YEAR PACKAGE of Email Sessions!!!   $2,500 (Weekly Email clearing sessions ALL Year! Plus unlimited email access to Jackie)


Set your year up for success with this FULL year of once a week email sessions with Jackie. Imagine what you can accomplish having Jackie by your side to make sure you stay aligned, balanced and on target to achieve your goals.  You can choose your set day of the week to receive a session. Clearing out any cords, resonances, beliefs that hold you back, work on health, relationships, finances, the possibilities are anything you want as life happens and unfolds.

Full Year of Email Sessions (One a week)