🎄 Holiday Specials 🎄  

Give the GIFT of health, balance and wellbeing this year. A great gift for yourself or loved one.  

Specials Below ~

Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season. 🎄

I look forward to connecting with you.

⭐️ Body Code Tune Up Email Session– $49

A great tune-up to clear around any challenge, whether it be mental, emotional or physical. This tune up is an email session so you don’t have to schedule it in. Once purchasing, send Jackie your name, age, what you would like worked on, as well as a photo if you wish. One per person 

Tune Up
⭐️ Heart Wall Special on Special – $199 (Reg $267) Couple’s $249

Clearing your heart wall can be a great way to start clearing what holds you back from living the life you desire. If you want to feel the love around you and give love from your heart this is for you. Clearing your heart wall can help remove blocks to healing physical pain, emotional imbalances or financial blocks. Below is also a special for couples heart wall clearing. Once purchasing, send Jackie your name, age and photo and she’ll do the rest. Heart Wall packages include 3-4 sessions, emailing you the results of what was cleared. 

Heart Wall Special

⭐️ Package of 8 Belief System Clearing Email Sessions – $597 

One of the most popular transformational packages you can get. 8 Body Code and Belief System clearing sessions to work on all areas of life. From health, relationships, abundance and more. This package gives you 8 email sessions and unlimited email communication with Jackie throughout the process. Once purchasing this special, Jackie will email you to get started. **Includes a free 15 min phone consultation to create the best plan for you.

Package of 8 Body Code Belief System Sessions


⭐️ Connect directly with me with this Package of 3 Phone Sessions. Each session is 1 hour and includes the Body Code, Belief System Clearing and Grounding Tools – $397

Gifting yourself or loved one this package will be transformational. In these 3, 1 hour sessions, we can work on many different areas. Clearing limiting beliefs, creating empowering beliefs and releasing energies in the way of you creating the healthy & abundant life you deserve. So if its relationships, health, financial abundance or a specific issue, this is the package to create change. Sessions are 1 hour and can be used over 3 months. Once purchasing, Jackie will contact you to set up your first call.


Package of 3 Phone Sessions