Heart – Wall 

What is a Heart Wall?

Has something ever happened that left you feeling Emotionally Injured?

A pain or heavy feeling on your chest as if your heart had just been broken?


Many of us may have experienced this a few times. Perhaps from an end of a relationship, a death of someone close to you, or even a hurtful comment that someone may have said.

Your heart lies at the center of your being. Recent research indicates that our heart may be a second brain – one more powerful in fact than the one that rests upon your neck. It is through our hearts that we actively give and receive love.

As you may know, our hearts are vulnerable to emotional injury. In the same way we have trapped emotions in our bodies, sometimes we trap these emotions in and around our hearts.

Since a trapped emotion consists of pure energy, our subconscious mind will take this energy and literally build a wall with it around our hearts as protection. It’s like when you, or someone else might say “I’ll never be hurt like that again” or “They really have a guard up”. People around can actually feel this source of protection you’ve created. A Heart Wall can close you off to wonderful people/things that you might have experienced had you not been blocked in feeling them.

Now you might be thinking, well what’s wrong with having a Heart Wall

If it’s protecting me from fully having my heart broken?


Heart Walls affect us in two ways:

Heart Walls can block energy from flowing throughout the body. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, resulting in physical and emotional pains. (Often more associated with shoulder, neck and back pain.) Heart Walls prevent us from fully opening our hearts to others. A Heart Wall can numb you to the feelings of others, making it difficult to connect to people and loved ones around you.


There’s GREAT news!!


The Emotion Code can remove those blocking Heart Walls we’ve built. Imagine, finally being able to feel again. Feel the love from the people around you, being able to feel love for people again. That isolating feeling you may have once felt, is a thing of the past.

When a Heart Wall is removed, amazing things can and have happened. Some people notice an immediate change, and some notice gradually over time. Dr. Brad has a wonderful story of a women he met who had never been married. After clearing her heart wall, she managed to quickly reconnect with her childhood sweetheart. Shortly after they were engaged to be married. I have seen clients re-connect with a parent they had not spoken to in years, or re-kindled a relationship they thought had no chance of ever repairing. They suddenly could feel the love from the other person, and were filled with joy.

When you are stressed or feel hurt, your subconscious mind recognizes your vulnerability and need for protection. In response to this emotional pain, your subconscious mind creates a wall of energy to protect the heart from being hurt. This wall acts as a shield and blocks out pain and suffering.

The experience of heartache is emotionally painful and can be difficult for us to process. When we get hurt, we may feel despair, sadness, grief, rejection, discouragement, fear, humiliation, betrayal, abandonment, or any number of negative emotions. The negative, unprocessed emotions that we experience over the course our lives can accumulate and contribute to the size of our heart wall. The more we are hurt, the bigger it can get. As our heart wall grows, it creates an increasingly greater barrier in our lives.

Those of us who have been hurt in life will likely have a Heart Wall. The good news is that the Heart Wall can be cleared, by releasing one negative emotion at a time. This process can free you to live life more fully. Clearing the Heart Wall can feel like a rebirth. It reawakens us to our natural state of being. Without the pain of old emotional blocks, we are able to experience a life filled with wonder, possibility and joy.

It is believed that about 93% of people have a Heart Wall, and even children and animals begin to create these protective barriers to shield them from painful or traumatic events experienced in life. Maybe it’s no wonder that the #1 killer in the US and several other Western countries is heart disease!

Session Info

The Heart Wall Clearing package includes 3-4 sessions to clear the Heart Wall. Rather than focusing on a particular issue, such as back pain or anxiety as we would in a Body Code Session, in Heart Wall Clearings, our focus is to release all the trapped negative emotional energy that is walling off our heart. Releasing these trapped emotions is not painful or traumatic, and with this type of energy therapy, it is not necessary to relive trauma or painful experiences in order to release the negative energy that they left behind. That is one of the greatest gifts of this work.

Sessions are done from the comfort of your home, so no matter where in the world you live, you can benefit from this powerful work. In fact, I now do all of my sessions by proxy (distance healing), and this approach is preferred by my clients. Sessions are incredibly convenient, effective and efficient.

While our goal is to release trapped negative emotional energy from your heart wall, clients often benefit from targeting some or all of their 5 sessions on particular areas of their lives that are currently being impacted. If, for example, you are having an issue with anxiety, we can release all heart wall emotions contributing to your experience of anxiety. If you feel you a need more peace in your life, we can release all heart wall blocks to inner peace. We can tailor this experience to bring you the most benefit with each session.

Prior to the first session, I will gather the information I need from you to get started. During the first session, we will determine the size and material your subconscious mind has used to create your heart wall and then begin clearing it. In each session, I will ask questions to identify each energetic disturbance and then release the trapped energies and associated imbalances. Some of these emotions were experienced more intensely than others and had a greater impact on the size of your heart wall. On average, we will release 8-15 trapped emotions per session, each reducing the size of your heart wall.

To better illustrate how this works, if you have rejection in your heart wall from age 15, we will release that rejection and any subconscious beliefs that are connected with it, such as “I am not worthy of love.” These associated beliefs are actually quite common, though they are faulty, and releasing them allows us to return to a state of balance and inner harmony. If this rejection had a big impact on your life, it may have added a significant amount of thickness to your heart wall. I have seen heart walls in animals that are a few inches thick, and I have seen heart walls in humans that are over 100 feet thick. It is highly individual.

Once your session is completed, I will send you a copy of the session notes to review. This can be done via text or email. After you have reviewed the notes, you can ask any questions you may have about your session by phone, text or email.

9 Benefits of Releasing Your Heart-Wall:

 Improves relationships by removing barriers to connection & love

Clears away blocks to pursuing purpose, success & abundance

  1. Releases tension & traumatic energy from your tissues to lessen your experience of pain

  2. Clears away confusion by removing barriers to mental clarity & decisive action

  3. Frees you from unhealthy patterns that are not serving you

  4. Restores inner peace& increase your resilience to stress

  5. Improves your confidence, energy & passion for living

  6. Re-awakens the flow of inspiration & creativity in your life

  7. Improves physical, mental & emotional health and well being

Clearing the Heart Wall can have a very positive impact on relationships, especially when both partners do the work. The landmines of emotional triggers, turmoil, pain and shielding that existed before your Heart Wall was cleared is no longer present or necessary afterward. The old, negative Heart Wall energy that lowered your vibration and created turmoil in your relationship is cleared leaving room for love, connection and understanding. We start experiencing more of what we want in our lives and relationships instead of being occupied with managing what we do not want. To learn more about how a Heart Wall might be impacting your relationship, click here to check out my blog post.

Clearing the Heart Wall, raises your energy, raises your vibration, and brings enormous clarity about what is working in your life. The things that do not work for you no longer seem to have a place in your life. Naturally shifting away from old patterns produces positive results. This is why heart wall clearing is truly one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself.


Session Notes

My session notes for each Heart Wall session will include details about the emotional energy that was in the heart wall, the severity of it’s impact and the age that it occurred. If any associate imbalances that were created as a result of this experience are discovered, we will release those as well. I will also share what kind of a disturbance that energy may have been creating in your life when that information is available.

As we move through each session, I will continue to measure the size of the Heart Wall, marking the progress we make in each session. In addition, when appropriate, I will make personalized recommendations that might benefit you (body, mind & spirit) at this time.

I am not a medical doctor, and I do not work on medical issues. I work on releasing trapped emotional energies that cause stress and imbalances in the body. If you require medical attention, please see your doctor. If you require energy therapy, you’re in the right place.








Imagine feeling calm, balanced and grounded and what you can create in your life from that vibration.


When you get clear, you can create what we want.







Give yourself a gift of spending an hour for yourself, you will be so happy you did.







** Class will be held via Zoom. Jackie will be checking in with all or many of you to work on something specific. You do not have to be called upon if you do not wish, although group participation is how an even greater healing takes place. It’s amazing the level of healing that happens collectively. **Even though it’s via Zoom, you will be following along with your eyes closed, so you will not be on camera.

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